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We are an easy going photo and video duo that focuses on making your day as memorable & easy to plan as possible! We specialise in all aspects of wedding photography and videography and offer a range of packages flexible to your needs. Every wedding is different, therefore anything is possible when it comes to planning your dream wedding!

We love to be involved amongst the laughter and good times, so kick back and enjoy one of the most exciting times of your life!

As well as capturing lasting moments, we also hold a strong belief in fighting environmental injustices, specifically saving our ocean. As a brand that is committed to creating a better world for tomorrow, we pledge to donate 5% of every wedding package towards one of the listed campaigns of your choice.

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Meet The Team


ty rickard

Lead Videographer / Editor

Bryce hall

Lead Photographer 

Charity we believe in

Whilst we have a passion for capturing beautiful intimate moments with our amazing couples, we also acknowledge the many ongoing environmental issues happening along our Australian coastline.  

That is why we have decided to support the Australian Marine Conservation Society by donating 5% of every package to a proceed of your choice below. It's as easy as booking one of our packages, choosing a cause and we will send you a confirmation of the donation!

"We are Australia's only national charity solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife - a community of ocean lovers across the nation working for healthy seas."

Key Achievements of AMCS:

  • Prevented Mining on the Great Barrier Reef

  • Helped Global Ban on Commercial Whaling

  • Sustainable Seafood Revolution

  • Historic Marine Parks & Sanctuary Zones

  • Shark Finning Banned in Australia


2022 Charity Update

Distant Breach-2.jpg

Save our whales

Whales are one of the many creatures of the ocean which face a vast array of threats such as; the climate crisis, fishing nets, plastic pollution in our ocean and many more.


At Ocean Way Collective we believe in protecting whales from human impacts for generations to come so that these beautiful animals do not become just a memory.


Your donation will help create global sanctuaries to give our whales shelter, and take strong international action to stop those who kill them. 

Save the Reef.jpg


The Great Barrier Reef & coral reef ecosystems globally are immensely beautiful, yet fragile environments which have felt some of the larger human impacts in recent years, particularly from rising ocean temperatures.

Protecting the Reef for the future means stopping the damage caused through the burning of coal, oil and gas. 


Your donation will help create a better future for our planet and our reef by turning back the clock on climate change.



We believe Australians deserve clean, healthy oceans full of life. But right now, plastic pollution is flowing into our oceans at an alarming rate, entangling and suffocating our marine life.


Once plastic is in the ocean, it doesn’t go away, therefore, we must turn the tide on plastic pollution by choosing to refuse plastic and stop it at the source.


Your donation will help create a better, cleaner future for our planet and our oceans.



Climate change is the biggest threat to our oceans and it’s beautiful and diverse wildlife. Climate change is driven by mining and burning coal which accelerates global warming, heating the air and the ocean.

We are at a pivotal moment but it’s not too late. Together, we can demand immediate action and turn back the clock on climate change.

Your donation will help us collectively create a better, cooler future for our planet.

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